Best Practices for Special Events in Aesthetic Medical Practices

Analysis provided by Erica Collins, Executive Director of the Aesthetic Business Institute and Sr. Vice President at Acara Partners.

Special events are a crucial component of most aesthetic medical practices’ integrated marketing plan. Whether these events take place at your practice’s location (as is often the case) or elsewhere in your community, special events allow you and your staff to interact personally with current and prospective customers. Your customers and leads are also able to see your facilities in person, meet key clinical and practice team members, learn more about all of your services and products, and directly experience your practice’s brand and personality firsthand.

A recent flash poll by the Aesthetic Business Institute (ABI) displays the variety and effectiveness of special events (including virtual special events) in the aesthetic medical industry. 

The majority of aesthetic practices surveyed held special events more than once a year – 50% of practices held events quarterly or bi-annually – and there was a wide variety of themes used for these gatherings. Technology or product-specific events were the most popular events held (70% of those surveyed), followed by seasonal events, general open houses, body part events, grand openings, and Christmas/holiday events. In addition, 40% of practices reported that they have held virtual or digital special events (YouTube, Facebook Live, video, etc.) to introduce prospective clients to new services or products. 

Just how effective are these special events? Half of the practices reported that they had an average attendance at a recent special event of more than 50 guests (with 30% stating they average more than 100 guests). With these numbers of attendees, it is not surprising to note that half of the practices generated more than $10,000 in revenue from a special event. And costs for pre-event publicity and marketing are reported to be relatively low for this kind of revenue generation – 70% of practices spent less than $1,000 to publicize their special event. 

“Special events should still be a staple for any aesthetic medical practice,” according to Erica Collins, Executive Director of ABI and Sr. Vice President at Acara Partners. “These events are extremely cost-effective and most often yield great results as it relates to revenue. More importantly, special events help build powerful and positive personal relationships with current and prospective clients.”